Plant Nursery Italy

The Company

The Pistoia' new nursery farm Menichelli Piante was born in 2019.

Menichelli has been, for years, a leader in the field of green landscaping, gardening and ornamental arboriculture.
Marked by many years of experience our company has been driven by passion for the land, ambition and attention to new cultivation techniques aimed to optimize production and improve the quality of work.

Plant Nursery Italy
Plant Nursery Italy

Specialized in the care of greenery

For more than 30 years, our specialized team was dedicated to taking care of all aspects involved in the design, construction and maintenance of gardens of all sizes and types.
In particular, the nursery company Menichelli Piante is responsible for growing Mediterranean plants on a 6-hectare area and caring for the nursery while respecting the environment and people. In our nursery, we are also dedicated to the production of ornamental plants in the ground and in containers with a healthy and robust appearance. This is all thanks to the constant and daily care that enables us to achieve a quality product.

How we work

Our modern irrigation and fertigation systems allow us to optimize water and electricity consumption.

In fact, water management is localized, which allows us to minimize waste by nourishing the plant with the right amount and, in addition, avoiding the dispersion of chemicals into groundwater.

The residual water from the dimples and drainage ditches is then collected in a lake and later put back into circulation.

Plant Nursery Italy
Plant Nursery Italy

Our goals

Menichelli Piante's future goal is to arrive at a completely environmentally friendly production;

that is why we take care to minimize the consumption of pesticides and fertilizers where possible, replacing them with organic and natural products.

About us

Andrea Menichelli is the nursery manager of the new Menichelli Piante Nursery Company and is responsible, along with his father Massimo Menichelli, a professional gardener and arboriculturist, for directing the operations and site management for the Menichelli Gardens and Landscaping company. Menichelli Giardini e Paesaggi. After graduating from the Institute of Agriculture in Florence, Andrea continues his education at the Faculty of Agronomy at the University of Florence where he pursues the degree of Nursery Director with specialization in landscape architecture. His professional training, therefore, enables him to better manage the entire irrigation sector and the breeding of young plants which are put in the open field and in potting.

Eleonora and her mother Ilaria, also working as professionals in the field, dedicate themselves with love and expertise to the company's nursery along with the other workers.