Wholesale plants Italy

Plants in the open field

Some of our young plants, rigorously selected, are planted in the open ground for the production of shrubs and trees mainly in the Mediterranean climate.

Our nursery covers more than 4 hectares in open field, and the plantations are well spaced out in order to promote harmonious development of their aerial part.

Open-field specimens of plants are sold directly in sod or are put to root in large pots of 50-liter or more.

Through the use of our modern agricultural technology, Menichelli modernized and optimized the entire production process by respecting planting distances, planning multi-year plantings and applying all the cultivation techniques required by the varieties being grown.

Wholesale plants Italy
Wholesale plants Italy

Plants in containers

Our warm climate ensures year-round production of container plants in the open area and, to some extent, in a protected environment (inside greenhouses).

We own a wide variety of plants in containers ranging from 3- to 30-liter and beyond pots and are specific and appropriate for Garden Centers, nurseries, landscapers, gardeners, and GDOs.

Plants with low water requirements

The creation of "dry gardens" is increasingly becoming a trend that, fortunately, does not have a negative impact on the gardens themselves.

Choosing certain varieties and types of plants, placed appropriately, allows for singular color effects, blooms and fragrances that are sometimes unexpected and surprising.

Suitable plant varieties for this type of setting are low in water requirements, so once 'planted,' they will not require large amounts of water.

Wholesale plants Italy